My Image of Japan ^^

Japan is the world’s “near perfect”. The definition of “near perfect” here is translated as the state which has advantages in almost every aspect that supports his country. Japan has a very unique culture. As we know, Japanese people really appreciate their own culture. For the real example, most of universities in Japan use Japanese language during lecturing, even that’s an international class. Besides that, if people from outside country want to continue study in japan, they usually have to fluent in Japanese language. Because of that, the organization usually provides a facility to learn Japanese for a year. Not only that, if we remember how Japanese government really appreciate people who are knowledgeable after the bombing incident in world war 2, that makes me think more about how education is important. Japan is well-known with its evolved science and technology.

Japan is a developed country. That’s because Japan promote their culture of reading in society. They read everything, not just non-fiction books, but also fiction books. Since childhood, their children are educated to foster creativity. Children are thought to write when they’re on holiday, then when vacation is over, they should present their works to the class. Well, in terms of creativity is the immediate response they are not educated to be a superior human resources. No wonder that comes from the Japanese comics that also enliven the world markets of concern to the public. Especially after the comic published, animated films are made. Once they prove to the world of creativity. Both from an amateur or professional, writes Japanese culture is what ultimately makes Japan a country rich in human resources excellence.

In addition, Japanese people do the same way to save their culture of Samurai. Japan highly appreciates the results of the state of their culture so that it’s longer that Japanese culture will be more advanced, like the kimono. Finally, Japanese culture will be increasingly recognized in the world.

In human and natural resources, Japan is a country which poor in natural resources, but rich in human resources. Although the Japanese’s natural resources is low, Japan can become a wealthy country. Even Japan’s export of natural resources is enormous. Japan is an intelligent state of being able to process raw materials into finished goods in a system that is highly effective and efficient. In addition, they are also able to add the sale price of a material with lower production costs.

A few months ago, there was a big earthquake in Japan. It has been an inspiration of many people, including me. Japanese’s way in overcoming the disasters that happened there makes me reflect on what happened in Indonesia. Japan realizes that his country highly vulnerable by natural disasters, especially earthquakes. Therefore, prevention system in the optimization since the beginning, by providing education to children how to save yourself during an earthquake. As a result, the earthquake that occurred in Japan does not swallow as much victims in Indonesia. That’s because Japan are always learning from previous mistakes.

Not only that, Japan is very inspired from all aspects, ranging in terms of Scholarship, Fashion, Music to the progress of his country. Many people in the world feltso sad and lost when Japan suffered a disaster. This is because this “Cherry Country” is well-known of their technology.

Indonesia should learn a lot from Japan, as the poor state of natural resources and disaster-prone, Japan could become a great nation. Japan gives a lot of contribution and inspiration to the other nations. He taught the resurrection after slump, as it is clear that the rapid Japanese advances precisely when they are new in the American Bombardier.

And I’m sure, after the tsunami, Japan would rise quickly, just as Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the first bomb. Japan was born as a super state, and it is possible after the tsunami in Miyagi. Japan will rise faster and become more developed countries than before.

Spirit for Japan!

Created by: Shabrina Nida Al Husna


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