This is Me!

My name is Shabrina Nida Al Husna. I was born in Jakarta, 22 November1992. I am an Indonesian girl with 19 years old. I am a Muslim. Actually, my hometown is in Jakarta, but I am currently residing in Bandung. I have a little tricky of my background study. I’ve studied at SDIT Al-Khairaat, Jakarta. I’m a nomad since I was in junior high school. I had a chance to study at Al-Kahfi Islamic boarding School, located in Bogor. Then, I returned to Jakarta and went on to study in SMAN 14 Jakarta. Now, I have opportunity to continue my study at Institute Technology Bandung (ITB). I’m focused on microbiology courses. The reason why I choose this course is because I want to know more about the microbial world. Besides, I’d love to develop applications based on microbiology.

Talk about my personality, I believe that I am a good listener, who offer good advice with a strong ability to read people. I am a perfectionist. I always try to do everything perfectly. Even I know that there is nothing perfect. But I realize that the nature as human beings, we are given the same opportunity to try as much as possible to do something perfect. In my opinion, the result is at the end of struggle. Actually, I’m an ambitious person. I have many dreams to reach. I always do what I want to do and what I have to do for contributing to my religion and nation. I always do it optimally; by enrolling all of my skills and propensities.  In case of my personality, many of my friends said that I’m a good person. They talked to me that I’m friendly. It’s because I really like smiling to everyone I’ve met. I have a simple reason, it’s just because I have a dream that someday I want to make a smile for Indonesia. I am able to adapt to the changes going on around me. I believe that I can get a new best friend only a few days. That’s why my friends said that I’m friendly.

This is me, with a slight excess of me. I am a person who is always doing everything as much as possible. Strive to achieve all goals by not forgetting synergy between logic and sense. My mom said that I’m a good motivator. I believe that I can motivate myself and the other people to do the best. Because I’m really happy to see my friends success on their own work.

I am a person who choleric but also melancholy. Spirited leader, but gentle with all of people around me. Able to position themselves according to the circumstances.

I am able to explain in detail what I want to represent. I always try to do it clearly. I’m easy to analyze something, and I can connect something with something else. I’m a very organized person and like organization. I’d like to busy myself in many activities. I think, by including myself in many activities, it will bring me to meet many people and will get many experiences.

I was very sensitive to things happening around me. I always try to take lessons from each incident which I experienced. In my opinion, what was happened in the past is to establish my personality present. If I were given the opportunity to return to the past, I have no desire to change what I did in the past. Because what I did is take a lesson as much as possible for my lunch in the future, and also determined not to repeat the bad things.

This is me, with all of the weaknesses that exist in me. I am a sensitive person to the things around me; it means that I’m so empathy. So, I easily cry. Especially if I’m confronted by the people who are weak economically. I am a perfectionist too. So sometimes I’m too fixated on one thing I do.

Talk about my interest, I really like learning and observing something. I am interesting with my subject now. Because I think, microbiology can answer my inclination. Actually, microbiology is very important for many aspects to developing our nation, especially in economic sector. On the other hand, I really want to be an entrepreneur. It’s because one-third of the things which contribute to expand our nation is private sector, and that is the people who want to begin a business, to provide job demands for community.  So that, it will decrease a number of unemployed in Indonesia.

Now, I try to combine my subject and my interest. Because I really like to being an entrepreneur, I want to expand industrial sector in Indonesia by relate it to my subject in microbiology. I want to find some microbes which can increase the effectiveness and efficiency to provide high advantage with the minimal cost production. Moreover, I want to repair our ecological system by using the best system for industries, so that it will not damage the environment. Actually, there are many things I want to do for the world, let’s invest for the world!


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