MOTIVATION LETTER: Let’s Contribute for A Better Indonesia!

I made this motivation letter due to follow an International Conference in Japan. Hope this will be useful for you all..

To participate this program, I have some big reasons. The most important reason is making positive changes for Indonesia. I want to learn many things from Japan and apply it for Indonesia. We know that Indonesia is susceptible to natural disasters. But, we still can’t learn from our experiences. So that, most of disasters kill many victims. It’s because first aid system in Indonesia is still bad in handling natural disasters. Through this program, I want to know more about how the first aid system of tackling disaster which is applied in Japan. I want to open my mind there, and then take more knowledge about first aid system. In addition, I want to encourage my spirit due to contributing for Indonesia. After that, if I return to Indonesia, I will follow it up by participating in national organization, which is related to my subject. I like to be a problem solver by participating in scientific writing competition, trying to contribute more, more, and more.

We know that Indonesia is rich country in natural resources and human resources; therefore I want to optimize these potential opportunities. I’ll start from myself, studying hard every time and always improving myself both socially and scientifically. I’ll be active in organization which is oriented to development our country. I want to take my master and doctoral program of microbiology. After that, I would like to devote myself to this country. I have planned what I want to do on the day come.

The second reason why I want to participate in this program, I want to get more experiences to make relation with the other people. I love learning languages, making friends, and all the positive things in order to know varieties of some cultures. I believe that taking the program is not only learning more about logical subject; but also learning about life in social activity. I really like to meet new people, especially from the other country. I think we can share many stories about our countries, even it is positive or negative aspects. It’ll be happy discussing many things, and then invite them to work together in my project at the future.  This is what I’m thinking about role of youths as the agent of change. From different focused subject and country, we can work together to solve problems. Definitely, it is due to contributing in building world civilization.

Another reason is I want to expand my skills and my propensities. Because I love learning, I want to widen my horizon, both of social sciences, natural sciences and technology. I think, I’ll get much knowledge there. I want to improve my English skill too. By joining this program, I want to learn from Japan how to get up from the downturns. They can solve their own problems in a short time. Then, they can expand many aspects of their country, until Japan can be the one of developed countries in the world. I just want to know how Japan can be the best in expanding technology and life sciences. I’ll see how Japan can change the world by his own way and apply it in Indonesia. If I get a chance to go there, I’ll be really happy, because I really like learning, discussing and getting new friends. Then I’ll contribute to the world, start from making a positive change for Indonesia!

For additional reason, I want to know more about Japan. Since I was studied at high school, I really like all things related to Japan. I like Japanese food, Japanese music, or something which correlate with Japan technology. I was really happy when I know that in third semester of my senior high school, there was a Japanese subject. Yeah, I want to know more about all of those things.

Actually, the main reason is because I want to make positive change for Indonesia by optimize all of its potentials, mobilizing all of my potentials, skills and propensities.  Let’s contribute for a better Indonesia!


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