everything will start over

it’s already 24th December, and this year will be ended soon.


when i’m seeing back to the past year,

i’ve already realized,

everything has gone smoothly


thank you everyone,

who always be by my side

who highly encourages me to hold the sky

who never ends to reap sincerity from du’a in every midnight


and surely the most thankful is..

given to You,

who always gives me strength to face the storm

who always eases my way to catch my dream

who never stops to remind me about the truly love


like always, everything happens for a reason.


every time I’ve passed through,

there must be something special to learn

about survival from the heavy rain,

easiness after difficulty,

happiness from adequacy,

and surely, about being with You in the midst of loneliness


there is a little thing that didn’t go well,

but compared to the sky, it seems so small


the blue sky, by the moment

the fluffy clouds are swaying quietly

the pleasure of waiting for the blooming petals..


if I can share it to another, then i’m really sure, that’s a real blessing..


so that, no matter what happened in the past, for sure, they made me learn many things.

this year, certainly will be ended, but everything will start over



SHILO (Short Hand Inside Long Outside), my first project goal to DIKTI, PKM-K 2012



National Seminar of Research and Community Development 2012, 22 April 2012



having dinner with CEO Biofarma, (Pak Iskandar Bukhori) in May 1012

expanding network, learning something related to my study, and many things.


visiting Lombok, walking around there, finding some great places..


seeing unlimited sky up there,

breathing the fresh air deeply,

listening to the sound of the wind tightly,

made me realize how nothing I’m above all


and at the same time..

attended 5th International Biotechnology Conference 2012


learning from great professors about my field,

asking something made me curious about,

seeing many peoples there, be acquainted to another..

such a great experience I think.



then, another check points were also passed through.


International Conference for solving Islamophobia, International Muslim Student Summit, 15-18 July 2012



Top 15 Winners, Annisaa Writing competition, GAMAIS ITB 2012



PHBD (Program Hibah Bina Desa) 2012, getting award 40 best proposals from 1041 proposals submitted, funded by DIKTI



taking photos with committees and speakers 🙂



International University Exchange Seminar 2012, Toyohashi University of Technology feat Institut Teknologi Bandung, 18-23 September 2012



Research plan presentation, Student Association of NYMPHAEA ITB, 27th November 2012, with titled “Anti-Acne Gel Formulation of Pericarp Mangosteen Extract (Garnicia mangostana L.): Effort to Use Pericarp Mangosteen as Herbal Cosmetics”



Co-facilitator signature-Training 7 Habits 2012, Jatinangor, 1-2 December 2012



Alhamdulillah ya Allah,

thank you for everything happened,

for every moment you want to teach me about something.


I promise for the next

to do many things better than before,

to give usefulness extensively,

to inspire others bigger than I’ve done in the past


and to reach Your jannah, Your ridha, and Your love, more than everything..


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