my paper (IUES 2012)

(again) to inspire others. even by a simple idea, or something else


Lembang, a city which is located in West Java, is well-known as an advanced city in animal husbandry, horticulture and agriculture aspects. This city is being advanced in agricultural practice of breeding and raising livestock such as cattle, so that it becomes one of the biggest milk suppliers for many dairy product companies in Indonesia. In agricultural aspect, Lembang has great potential in providing medicinal plants and vegetables since its area is suitable for growing many varieties of plant. Its product of horticultural practice is very abundant, such as tea and strawberries (Pikiran Rakyat, 2012).

Cikahuripan is one of villages which is located in Lembang. Nowadays, any waste generated by Cikahuripan Village is burned directly since there was no landfills and waste processing system. If this situation going on long term, it could impact natural resources potential of Cikahuripan Village. It could damage the air as a direct impact of burning plastic waste, because of the production of carbon dioxide. Then it would accelerate the process of global warming by affecting patterns of precipitation, evaporation, water run-off, soil moisture and climate variations which can threaten the overall process of agricultural production. According to the report from Rossane Skirble (2007), climate change and global warming would reduce agricultural production between 5-20 percent. The other environmental case in Cikahuripan, manure produced by livestock is just left without being processed, whereas the waste of manure is greatly contributing in accelerating global warming which can decrease agricultural production directly. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), livestock sectors of cattle, buffalo, sheep, goats, pigs, and poultry produce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 18 percent CO2.

There are some solutions that have been done to solve these problems. Some types of waste have already been collected by the people, and then it is sold to the waste collectors with a very low price. Whereas, the waste could be processed first to become high value product, then it could increase villager’s income. People there also have some solutions to recycle wastes, such us bamboos as a creative handy crafts like Suling or Seruling; which is an Indonesian bamboo ring flute, and the other one is a simple reactor of biogas which has been made by people near their cowshed. But all of existing solutions are so simple and cannot be run optimally due to the limited knowledge and facilities which community has, such as the method to build an ideal biogas reactor, brand and package products, etc.

Creative waste processing system is one of the alternative methods of processing waste in different ways. Waste produced by people activities firstly will be collected in a Trash Bank. Here, the garbage acts as a money saved by the people, then any waste that is given by the people will be converted to money, so people are more eager to save waste.

Cikahuripan has an advanced early childhood school, but people still have to pay if they want to put their children in this school. There is an alternative way to collaborate Trash Bank and early childhood school; every mother who wanted to send their children in early childhood only have to pay by garbage, not money, so mothers would have more spirit to collect the garbage.

Then, after the waste collected by Trash Bank, the next step is to process it simultaneously become valuable and marketable products. For example is plastic garbage might be modified into attractive products either bag, pencil case, or wallet, which can be used by people.

Eggshell waste can also be used to modify the bamboos musical instrument which has been already made by the people there, by making it as a motive. Other alternative is to modify photo frames or other creative handy crafts by using Eggshell as a motive.

Since there were many live stock, there is an alternative solution for manure waste. It’s not rule to built a biogas installation over there in a household scale, so that every family member can use organic waste as a fuel directly. People could use manure waste either as a starter or a substrate for the fermentation process.

These are implementation strategies of this project:

  1. Consolidate with peoples in Cikahuripan Village
  2. Make relation to the local government
  3. Fix the concept and design a work flow of this project
  4. Make waste bank
  5. Implement each project

This project will be implemented in collaboration with some institution, such as local government and also Research and Community Development Center (RCDC) West Java.

There are some advantages of making this creative waste processing system in many aspects in order to develop communities:

1. For  Environment

Improving quality of air through reduction environmental pollution such as carbon dioxide produced by waste combustion and utilization of organic waste into biological gas. Then, it could save natural resources potential of Cikahuripan Village as provider medicinal plants and supplier milk in Indonesia. In the long term, Cikahuripan village would become an energy independent village and zero-waste village through this creative waste processing system.

2. For Health

Improving quality of life through reduction of disease caused by dirty environment. Then it would create a better life and a sustainable environment.

3. For Economic

Empowering community’s economics through the efforts of creative handicraft industry. It would increase villager’s income significantly.

4. For Society

All of these projects are highly expected to increase people’s skill to manner waste and convert it to become high value products. It should make people always learn and widen their horizon to develop their potential resources.

There have been a lot of community development movements in various regions in Indonesia. Each movement is proposed to realize autonomy of Indonesian public sectors such as economic environmental sector. As well as by this project, it’s highly expected to make Cikahuripan village as a rural model of Indonesia. Finally, it would accelerate independent public sector in Indonesia.


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