tawakkal maksimal

today is the day

many things will start from this day


I wish, everything will be alright

I wish, everything will be fine



every night before this day was very hard indeed

it successfully made us feeling so exhausted, so painful..

yeah, it was because everything should to be done more than before

thinking more deeply than usual, praying harder than normal, spending more time with something isn’t common


it was really hard, right?


but, let’s believe

in ourselves,

on what we have done,


and let’s believe so

in Him

on the rules that He could make it happen just by saying a magic word

“kun”, so that everything will happen


nothing’s perfect done by human, then just let Allah make it done perfectly by His own way


let Allah do the rest

ganbatte ne!! daijoubu desu.



tawakkal maksimal

menuju audiensi IGEM 2013


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