need someone to talk

sometimes, I get down when I realized about my feelings.

sometimes, I feel nothing when I realized about myself.

sometimes, I feel like.. I’m useless.



I often think about why water and oil couldn’t get together.

I often think about why caterpillars have to pass their pupa’s stage to become butterflies.


I once asked to my self, about the colour of the sky..

Why is the sky blue?  What makes the sunset red?


and about the sea..why is the sea so deep?


then.. about the secret of the space.

what would we find if we go into the space, and then we come down, keep it down, all the way to the bottom, what would we find?


could anyone explain me about this?



the fact is: the earth and the sky will not definitely be able to converge


about the sky, it’s just because the mixture of gas molecules and other materials surrounding the earth.


ah, there is no correlation, right?


yeah, actually I’m thinking randomly right now.

very sorry to disturb you, dear.


I just need someone to talk, to tell everything. RIGHT NOW

is there anyone who wants to be someone?


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