Motivation Letter KUSEP 2013-2014

actually, studying abroad is one of my biggest dream. I think, by studying abroad, I will get many things to learn. yeah, I’m a learner, learning is my hobby, and actually I like to be a learner. *haha*

ah ya, have you ever heard about the outstanding love story novelist, Ilana Tan? Do you know her? yup, if you are a love story novel holic, you may know about her best seller books; Winter in Tokyo, Summer in Seoul, Autumn in Paris, and Spring in London. yeah, even though I’ve not completely read her books yet, there is special thing I want to share.

actually, this is a little secret of my life. may be, it’s a little crazy thing about my self. you can laugh over if you want to do it *haha* the point is: the cities involved in Ilana Tan’s story are really the capital cities of the country I want to visit the most someday. huaaa, winter in Tokyo. I think, it will be so great to spend my winter over there. doing some advanced research, playing ice skating, visiting Fujiyama mountain, aaaaa, such a big dream! I can’t imagine how the beautiful moment it’ll be. then, for the Seoul, i want to visit some microbiology-based industries. i wonder that i can learn about bioprocess, up-scaling product, or anything. *finally i feel sleepy during writing this* *hoaam* for Paris, it’s definitely you know. because of its romance and elegance, Paris is the one which is visited by new couples around the world to be taken as a honeymoon place. so, maybe i have a dream to visit Paris someday. Looking forward to the Eifel tower, walking around the city, such a beautiful moment i think. and for the last is London. London is very special to me. because, i really want to continue my master degree (or may be PhD) in UK, specifically in Imperial College London (ICL) for the medical microbiology field. spring in London will be so great. seeing the flower blossoms, the bright and sunny day, taking a photo may be, huaaa, it shall be unforgotten memories.

ja. it’s a little secret. just keep it tightly ya? 🙂

yup, let’s continue then. actually, what i really want to share is about my second motivation letter I’ve made (the first was made for IUES). this motiv letter is actually a requirement for applying KUSEP 2013-2014 (Kanazawa University Student Exchange Program). yap, actually, since there are many things to sacrifice then, it was really hard to decide taking an exchange program.  for example, I have to postpone my graduation, and for sure, leaving far from my family. but anyway, Alhamdulillah. give thanks to Allah for everything who always stands beside me in every circumstances. yeah, I decided to place japan as my destination. surely, I REALLY want to go there >_<

Alhamdulillah, after being one of the three delegates from ITB (the others are from TL and AR), I finally be able to apply directly to the university in Japan (fiuuh~). The process was not as simple as you think. I have to admit my CV, academic transcript (letter which is showing our GPA), and proof of my English proficiency (actually it must be more than or equivalent to 550 for ITP/PBT TOEFL score) to International Relation Office ITB. Then, I had been waiting for 2 weeks until I was finally informed for the interview. during the interview, I was surprised about the questions, because there were some unpredictable questions. one of them is, “what do you think if later, your professor in Japan want you to continue your master degree in Japan, what do you think?” *so surprised* then I answered it spontaneously, as usual. the interviewer continued “but, what if..your parents want you to get married at the same time?” *nah lhooo* –it’s kinda secret answer :p after interview selection, I had to wait until the day comes, until the person from IRO gave me an information about acceptance of my submission. then i started to complete a form. ja, although i found uneasy things to face over the problems during completion of my application form, i just have to keep struggling over and over. finally, I have tried my best till the end.

for sure, you should find something wrong or miss in this letter, may be in grammar or structure. yeah, I just made it in a rush and in a hurry >_<

anyway, just have a little look for the letter, guys. hopefully it’ll be useful for u someday 🙂


My name is Shabrina Nida Al Husna. I’m 6th semester undergraduate student of Department of Microbiology, School of Life Sciences and Technology, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia.

I was so eager and interested in learning about cultures, especially Japanese culture that I’m yet to explore. I have been introduced to Japanese culture when I was attending a Japan Fair which is held by University of Indonesia in 2008. Since that event, I was so interested to learn more about Japanese culture, especially to learn about Japanese language. Since my senior high school has been provided me to learn about Japanese language for two years (from 3rd until 6th semester), my interest in learning Japanese language was being highly provoked. So, in September 2012, I decided to follow my interest by taking a part in International University Exchange Program Seminar (IUES) which was held by ITB in corporation with Toyohashi University of Technology. Being selected participant from ITB students, I was be able to join that seminar and learn many things about Japanese culture, discussing more about community entrepreneurship development, and sharing with others about my prospective field.

I wish to study in Japan to learn more about Japanese culture, to broaden my perspective on the development of science and humanity, to develop myself, and to finally be able to contribute to the bigger development of my faculty and my country, Indonesia. Therefore, the main objective I wish to reach, if given the opportunity, is to join Kanazawa University Student Exchange Program (KUSEP) that provides me the necessary elements to learn about Japanese culture and aspects of things, and in development of biological science that Kanazawa University has.

I would like to join the Kanazawa University Student Exchange Program for period 2013-2014 because I need really to increase and deepen my understanding in Japanese culture. I have talked to Dr. Gede Suantika, Head of Microbiology department in ITB, about my interest, and he strongly recommended me to take this program. I have read the description of the program and it is related to my excitement that the courses offered in the program are simply the ones that will fulfill my need. The program also offers students in the field of science and engineering to earn credits research in that field. Thus, I’m sure that by attending this program I can learn more about an outstanding application of science and technology in Japan, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, and surrounded with top quality lecturers and potential students. Learning in such environment is perfectly suitable for me to fulfill my passion and potential.

If I’m qualified to join this program, I realize that I will get great knowledge about Japanese culture and development of science and technology in Japan. By participating this program, I’ll extend my networks and get all the positive things in order to adapt to the new cultures. I believe taking this program is not only learning more about logic but also learning about life of the higher degree.

I have a clear idea of what I am going to do if the day comes. I’m sure that I have ability to share my knowledge to the people of Indonesia. I hope one day I will be able to take my master degree in Japan, maybe study in higher degree, and then I will come back to Indonesia to become lecturer in ITB, and to share what I’ve learned in the past day. Since I’m a scientist, I think, a good scientist is someone who is capable of building a good relationship with others from different background of education and cultures and able to present and defend his/her ideas and they need to be influential because brilliant ideas are wasted if they are not shared with the world. Those qualities to be a good scientist are what I hope of achieving from studying at Kanazawa University.

That is a glance of motivation of me to increase my knowledge in Japanese culture and advance of science and technology in Japan. Through this program, I’m sure that I can increase educational aspect in my country, Indonesia. Thank you very much for considering my request; I look forward for your positive response.


Comment by editor:

“Well, this motivation letter is really something. It’s kind of shameful, but I should agree this letter is away better than mine last 2 years: p Good luck! I hope KUSEP could provide you everything to fulfill your undaunted curiosity :)” (Annisaa Anindita Zein, ITB Delegation of KUSEP 2011-2012, SBM 2008)


Thank you sooooo much Kak Dita, you’re really something! *ups, someone I mean* :p


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