.: Bank Lingkungan Inovatif :.

Bank Lingkungan Inovatif (Innovative Trash Bank) is a series of waste management activities that subjected waste as potential materials to become useable products and profitable products for the community. Bank Lingkungan Inovatif processes the waste from the collection and segregation to become economic products. This program is an establishment effort to stimulate creativity and to create a good paradigm of waste as a resource of economic value that can still be processed and reused. The innovative point of this program is the continuance program that becomes follow-up of collection and segregation of the waste, including Bank Lingkungan Keliling (Bankeling), Rumah Kreatif (Creative House) and Laboratorium Pengolahan Sampah Organik. Bank Lingkungan Keliling (Bankeling) is a waste transportation services using modified motors, that facilitates community to deposit wastes to the bank. Rumah Kreatif (Creative House) is a center activity of inorganic waste processing into creative products. Laboratorium Pengolahan Sampah Organik (Organic Waste Processing Laboratory) is a center for the processing of organic waste into fertilizer, animal feeds, biogas, and other innovative products. This program named ‘laboratory’ because the products are required a series of studies/research to test the feasibility of the product in industrial use during the implementation. Bank Lingkungan Innovative program is ultimately expected to Cikahuripan Village as zero waste and energy independent village that could be a rural model nation wide and environmental reference world wide.


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