2nd Day in Thailand: Reception Party!

Halo semuanya! Postingan kali ini tentunya melanjutkan postingan sebelumnya, yaitu tentang pengalaman saya berada di Thailand selama 10 hari dalam rangka mengikuti 2nd NIDA Summer Camp yang diadakan oleh NIDA (National Institute of Development Administration).

Untuk postingan sebelumnya bisa cek ke link ini: Summer Camp in Thailand: pre- and 1st day!

okay, let’s begin!

2nd Day in Thailand (NIDA campus, 19th June 2013): Reception Party!!

Yap, today is the day!! yeah, I cant wait to see the other campers!!

Ah ya, you know. that was my 1st experience to speak English directly after I woke up in the morning. Bormey (my roommate) started the conversation first.

“What time is it? I don’t want to get up.. huks,” Bormey asked me.

“Come on!! it’s already 6.30. we should gather at lobby at 7.30! come on, get up, Bormey!!” I answered, and I tried to hold her hands.

Ah finally, we were getting up.

then, “can I use the bathroom first?” I asked her.

“yeah sure,” she answered.

so, I went to the bathroom first.

after we finished dressing up, we went downstairs and had a breakfast. this is my first breakfast at the hotel. I sit together with campers from Vietnam, Trang, Tam, and Khoa. the conversation between us started directly.

“Hi, can I sit here?” this time I started the conversation first.

“Yeah sure,”

“My name is Shabrina, and you?”

“My name is Trang,” “and I am Tam,” “Khoa,” They answered.

“Where do you come from? Are you all from the same country?” I continued asking them.

“Yes, we are from Vietnam, and you?”

“I am from Indonesia,” I answered.

and the conversation continued. we talked about many things, our educational backgrounds and countries. it was such a great conversation.

after having a breakfast, we gathered at lobby. Mr. Nok (NIDA committee) gave some instructions for all of us. He called our names one by one, then finally we were divided into some groups. Schedule for today are introduction about NIDA, trip to NIDA campus, and will be ended by reception party at the evening!!

after that, we went to the cars which will pick up us from the hotels to the NIDA campus. Bangkok in the morning is beautiful! but like in Jakarta, there is a little traffic. after we arrived at NIDA campus, we gathered in NIDA hall. Here we start the 2nd NIDA summer Camp!!


this is our camping book


yeaah, this is our photo. I sit next to Malaysian, Huwaida 🙂 She is very sholihah >.<


I and another camper: Huwaida (Malaysian), Angela (Chinese) and Claire (Chinese)


left to right: Claire, Lily, Leddyn, Angela




welcoming speech from NIDA president


 during the opening

okay, next we are introduced about Thailand and NIDA. and we played some games to know each other. we also had a discussion and took some pictures during the break.


 video show


during the games, Mrs. Ann lead the games


here we are!!

after lunch, we went to NIDA library and NIDA museum. My first impression of the NIDA library is really “wow”. It cannot be compared to ITBs. So many books there, and it showed me advanced technologies. They are really serious to build the library and created the conducive atmosphere for learning. here we took some photos over there.




miss you all, gals ❤







jenny and moony


mushalla in the library

after had a visit to NIDA library, we went to NIDA museum. there, we got some informations about NIDA includes history of NIDA, who is the president, when was NIDA built, and so on. but sadly to say, I cannot find the pictures over there in my laptop. so, that’s all. NIDA museum is a great place 🙂

after walking around NIDA, we gathered again at the hall, and we got the instruction for reception party!! at that time I felt so worry because we, campers from Indonesia, have not prepared it well. huks. until Mr. Nok told us that we are given 2 hours to prepare for the performance. aaah, I was relieved.

then, we prepared everything. about our performance? it’s secret, I will tell you later Xp

so here is the time!!


at the reception party, each countries should perform their traditional cultures. as Indonesian delegates, we performed Kecak dance from Bali. we gave the description about our performance to Mr.Nok as an advisor. it was so surprised after we know that we got the 1st turn to perform haaaaa >.< but it’s okay. we gonna make the audience feel amazed!


dinner table 🙂


the hosts-they are 1st NIDA campers


here we are!


during performing Kecak dance

And we felt so relieved after we performed Kecak dance. the audience really appreciated our performance. they think that it was so great to perform a dance without music. the sound just come out from our mouths and body movement.

then we had dinner and took some pictures!!


all campers with their own traditional clothes






 Angela (China), Lily (South Africa), Claire (China), Leddyn (Honduras)


they performed together




with the host of reception party. she is so beautiful for real. she is 1st NIDA camper


campers from Vietnam



during reception party


during reception party

it was unforgettable memories ><

we had a great night. dancing, taking some pictures, singing a song together~ I felt so touched!!


thai dance


thai dance-Kitty (camper from Thailand) invited us to join dancing with her


singing a song together



yeah, that’s all my 2nd day in Bangkok! it was really great and wonderful day >< honestly, I do want to continue to the next day, but I am feeling tired now, I will tell you in the next post, okay?

happy ‘ied Mubarak all 🙂


2 thoughts on “2nd Day in Thailand: Reception Party!

  1. Hay kak,aku rencananya mau apply buat summercampnya nida 2016,nahh aku boleh nanya nanya ga kak,kemarin kakak syaratnya apa aja dan toefl kakak scorenya brp hehehh,im lookin forward for your answer 🙂

    1. Halo Shilvani,
      Boleh, hehe. Syarat2nya biasanya menyesuaikan tiap tahun. Biasanya ada toefl, essay, acad transcr, letter of recomend.
      Toefl saya waktu apply rendah kok, cuma 587 aja 😅

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