Bank Lingkungan Inovatif for AusAID 2013!

Wastes are materials that remain from human activity and natural processes which do not have economic value. The continuously increasing number of wastes that is not managed properly can lead to the negative effects, such as health problems, aesthetics disruption and financial loss. Cikahuripan, a village which is located in Lembang, West Java, Indonesia, has interesting tourism objects and provides research objects in various sectors. But, nowadays, Cikahuripan village does not have a waste management system. Whereas, organic wastes generated from agricultural activities, manure products from livestock activities and inorganic wastes from household activities consecutively reach 2500 tons, 5000 tons, and 105-210 tons per month. Here, Bank Lingkungan Inovatif (Innovative Trash Bank) is a series of waste management system that can stimulate people’s creativity and innovation to create a good paradigm of waste. The innovative points of this program are the sustainability of the program, research-based technology that is used in the whole process and implementation of Green Economy Concept. The main objective of Bank Lingkungan Inovatif is to increase people’s welfare and creativity by implementing green economy concept which is subjected wastes as potential materials to become usable and profitable products for the community. The green economy concept can improve human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. This concept is a model based on sustainable development and knowledge of ecological economics. The entire series of Bank Lingkungan Innovative program ultimately expected to make Cikahuripan Village as a rural model in environmental-based economy that can be a national and international reference.

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