re-search (?)


oyeaaah!!! it’s almost a month, staying here in Kanazawa. Many things happened, many things surprised me a lot! although sometimes I feel so lonely of being apart with my family in Indonesia, but there are so much fun and happiness 😀 😀

actually this post is dedicated to my friends in Indonesia, who are missing me so much (wueek, siapa saya ya). she asked me to share everything about my research~~ including my professor, research team, and research plan.

so far, I am okay with everything related to my research. I can say: I am doing very well. my research has just started last Thursday. I prepared the solutions and reagents for experiments. I also learnt how to use devices in my laboratory before.

today, I did the DNA extractions, and tomorrow I will prepare for PCR and electrophoresis.

Do you know? it’s kinda difficult for me to do research here, because I am not used to use (?) advanced technology, since Indonesia …. (you know what I mean lah~) so, here, It takes quite long to be adapted with advanced technology. Even it’s just device for DNA extractions. hehehe. pray for me plis 😀

and here, I took some pictures when I had a discussion with my professor and my research team. I got a lot of advises from them. and also, they are very open to me. I thought that I can get along very easy with them~~


わたしのせんせい!! (my professor)

having some discussions about my research plan and credit transfer system in ITB. research title is: Study on KOSA bio-aerosol over Dunhuang City in West China. And it was surprising me when I told by him that he invited me to go to China in the next summer. it means that another mission will be accomplished soon. and yeah, he surely motivates me a lot to do my best!! ありがとう ね、せんせい!! けんきょう は がんばります!!

*he is so funny actually, can you see his face? talking with him is such a fun thing!!*


My research team!!!!! and they are very very very kind!!!! I can say it surely!! even I am the youngest one (since they are graduate students), it doesn’t make a barrier among us. I can’t imagine how great my day will be, spending my laboratory works without any stress and just a lot of fun!! Thank you so much for being my research team!!

*you know? they made a welcoming party for me, and we made it on 16th oct. they are so touching T___T ありがとう ね みんな!!*


her name is かな-さん. she is also graduate student at kanazawa daigaku. She will take care of me during my research work and also in my daily life. She is helping me to do many things, including shopping, making bank account, finding necessary things, and so on. She is very kind and fun. talking with her like having older sister here.. ほんとうに ありがと、かな-さん..(crying)

*and yeah, actually I love her as my sister. she really takes care of me until now..*(crying) (crying) (crying)


yap. that’s just a very small fun thing of another great things that I feel when I spent my time together with my research team, my professor, and also my tutor. there are many other fun things I got from them..


*I still have a very very long journey.. it’s just started.


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