Things To Miss From Japan

yeah 🙂 I do agree!

her soliloquy

This September, I had a fortunate chance to go to Japan, attended International Student Seminar 2013 in Toyohashi, Aichi. This program is a joint collaboration between Toyohashi University of Technology, ITB (Indonesia), UTM (Malaysia), and HCMUT (Vietnam). ITB sent its top 6 of Best Students competition this year (yay I LOVE all-expenses-paid trip!). And believe me, these travel mates of mine were supposed to be saints, but we eventually went a little bit too crazy 😛

The program itself was a comprehensive one. We learned about high-tech research especially in the field of robotics and electrical engineering (DNA sequencing included), discussed about role of engineers in solving environmental problems in multidisciplinary groups, had 3-days 2-nights home stay with real Japanese families, and were introduced to Japanese cultures (ghosts and spirits!) and language.

Coming back to Indonesia, there are A LOT of things that make me miss Japan. Being a fresh…

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