overflowing gratitude

sometimes, there are times when you wanna cry,

but you do not know what the reason is.


you know it well,

it is not about sadness,

nor about concerns.

you just want to vent it all.


many times you ask yourself,

about what’s really happening

about what’s wrong with you, yourself


but it turns out like this: you do not even get the answer



it feels like..

everything surrounds you, makes you want to cry

ambient atmosphere around you, is the one who forces you to cry


in the end..

you finally get the answer.

it’s about the peak of happiness.

overflowing gratitude.

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One thought on “overflowing gratitude

  1. nice writing,,,doakan yah saya juga bisa ke kanazawa soalnya skrg lg cari beasiswa buat lanjutin magister disana, wait me there,,,smg ktmu dsna

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