Short conversation with sensei,

“Shabrina, how about continue your master program here in Kanazawa University? I will find scholarship for you. Because you already have research experience here, so it’s gonna be easy for you to continue ur research.”


“*grin* hehe, sensei, actually it’s good opportunity for me. but since i havent finished my bachelor program yet, so maybe i will consider it during my last year study in indonesia.” *deep in my heart: I want to continue my study in UK T_T*


“yah, you can consider it first and consult it with ur supervisor in ITB. think that this is good opportunity for you.”


“Haik, sensei. But i have a plan to take master program in UK. But, it’s only my plan, i dont know what happen later.”

“Oh okay, just tell me your future plan. I think i can help you to reach your dream.”


Sensei, how kind you are! Ah, no no! It should be: How lucky I am, having you as my supervisor here T_T


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