take a breathe

there is a story about the girl who lives in a very complicated world.

everyone around’s just talking about useless things.

you know, it’s like, not more than a disgusting thing. very disturbing. meaningless.

seems like there is no difference between them and what they’re talking about.

just talking. no action.

oh yeah, she never thought that she would be born in this kind of world.

people cant see the right one and the wrong one. then, how they could even take the right way?

then,whose fault?

they wanna say that it is world’s problem? that world’s entropy is getting higher? too much people? too much things to deal with? oh hey, who do they think they are?

the world they’re living now, they’re walking now, no matter what, it will definitely getting crowded, getting complicated! no matter they were born into this world or not! everything turns to its natural tendency. some people were died, but more people are born!

oh yeah, maybe, it’s a personal matter? that people cant even see, from their__innermost heart? or.. its like, they dont have something to refer to? or just forgetting it and letting it far away? farther..even farther..till, they cant even realize that actually the thing is, they themselves, make it faaaaarrrrr awaaaayyyy?

toooooo much speculation. toooo much things to blame. tooo much excuses? oh yeah, maybe.

and finally she’s just walking, passing through the way.

she even dont know how to settle everything. to recover things, to make it back as it should be.

it’s like,  a very complicated world. dont say that..the place where she is walking now, is it actually not the earth? or even planet?

then, where is exactly she now?


i think, i need to take a breathe. to release the carbon dioxide. oh no, to unburden things.







Kanazawa, Japan

26 May 2014

in a very complicated world


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