Lets find some!

“Shab, apa sih motivasi kamu untuk lanjut sekolah? Ceritain dooong.” Tanya seorang teman sejawat saya suatu ketika.

“Apa yaaaa, rahasia ah!” dengan refleks saya menjawab itu.


Tapi percayalah,

There must be some mission to accomplish.

There must be something big to achieve.


For me, the key is just this one:

“Nahnu du’at qabla kulli syay’i”


So I am a da’i before anything else.

I am an inviter before university student.

I am a path finder before a researcher.

Means that something which drives me to do so is..what I call it: misi-misi kebaikan.



For you who are planning to go abroad for study in higher degree, research or anything else,

For you who are now in the middle of scholarship hunting,

For you who are still finding things to live your life after graduated from university,


Please make sure.



Whatever you are going to do from now,

Working at the company, studying abroad, community development, teaching at some institutions, or even becoming parents (ahaha i just mentioned it, ups),



Make sure that you have missions to accomplish.

You have big reasons which drive you to do it.

You have some people whom you would like to appreciate.

You have things to be solved in the near future, and you are gonna take a part of it.

You have a very very very clear vision, and you know that one step you are taking right now is heading to your big goal.


Thats what scholarship interviewer wants from you.

Thats what people from company want to hear from you.

And yeah, thats what your surrounding community expect from you.


If you cant, just wait.

“Sorry, you are failed this time. Just try another time.”


And if you are still not realizing how important it is..

Again, just wait.


Some undesirable things will come.


Thats why,

Lets find some!


Written at KLIA, on my way back to Indonesia

30 October 2015


This note is dedicated for my teman sejawat who are now in the middle of fighting for LPDP.

Semangat, guys!


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