Opportunity lost

Have you ever been in a situation where you’d like to know what actually happened with someone, but you cant ask him about it, or even you are not allowed to ask? You dont know how to, even you dont know the reason why you should ask him about it, but the things that drive you the most is just to reveal the secret of himself. Things behind him. What actually happened with him. You just want to know it soooo bad. You dont know why you are so crazy about it. You just feel so geregetan because of his coolness-act and mysterious -personality. Haha


You just realized. The opportunity has just gone. You lost it. In the end, you didnt get anything. Haha, perfectly done lah shab. *laugh at myself*

Oh no no. The fact is, its just a side goal.

I feel so grateful now, realizing that I learned many things from him. Especially about the things that I am so passionate about it 🙂

Thanks for an exciting long night discussion!


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