feedback relationship

“Looks like something inside yourself has changed already. I don’t know which part, but it’s kinda crucial thing.”

“Dont you feel something different? Sometimes we just dont realize that we, in fact, have significantly changed. Inspite of realizing that the surrounding and environment did change, we still notice that we, ourselves, are much much more fluctuated and dynamic. But, can you guess, which is the first? Which influences what?”

“You are different. I cant see a past version of yourself. It’s worrying me, you know.”


Yes, people changed.

So did the environment.

It is an inevitable natural phenomenon.

Everything has a rule.

People changed, and make a change.

Environment evolved, and make an evolution.

We cant escape from the reality that everything has a feedback relationship.

Which influences what, sometimes we dont have to know the answer.

What we should know is, “we get what we give.”

That’s all.


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