My first post in 2016

Hi everyone! 

2016 just begin, and yeaah we have passed 365 days of 2015 entirely.

Most of people made their first post in 2016 as their contemplation note of 2015, or something like the to-do list for a year ahead. But sadly to say, my first post in 2016 actually wont tell you about what i’ve done in a past one year, neither about my plan nor my target to accomplish in 2016. I will make sure that i write it separately in one post. 

In short, i just want to say one word to express my feeling to start 2016. Someone said, “happiness is simple. It’s all about how we make ourselves happy.”

Therefore, I would like to say:


One word, thousand meanings..

“I feel sooooo grateful..”

“I feel sooooo amazed with what my Lord has given to me..”

“I feel sooooo thankful to God who has patiently showed me the way to reach Him as high as The Firdaus..”

“I feel sooooo blessed with everything in my life. A perfect and happy family, a very smart and capable husband, my first pregnancy, a success both in work and study. And i want all of those things would make my iimaan rise, my feeling of shukr increase..”

And yes,

Its all about: “All prises to Allah, The Entirely Gracious, The Entirely Merciful..”


Ngawi, 3rd of Jan 2016


2 thoughts on “My first post in 2016

  1. Jadi sekarang tinggal di Ngawi bersama suami?

    بارك اللّه لكما و بارك عليكما و جمع بينكما في خير

    Maaf Shab, kemarin gak bisa datang ke walimatul urs kalian. 🙇

    1. Nggak Yusuf, hanya liburan akhir tahun saja. Wa baarakallahu fiik. Ndak pa2, titip doa terbaiknya saja yaa😊

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