Metamorphosa: Spread the wings!

This is a collection of our great moments,

This is a little proof of our odyssey,

This is a sort of constellation about our journey,

This is a piece of story in our life’s episode,

This is kinda..our life diary.


We walk together,

We meet people around, transfer knowledge and ambitions, deliver visions and missions,

We share our dreams,

We let everyone make it real,

So we can achieve it more..


We run together,

We see how the world runs so fast,

We see how people grows,

We see everyone compete each other,

We realize that the civilization is really happening,

And we finally recognize that the dunya is nothing, while the akhirah is everything,


We spread our wings,

We let the air bring us high,

We reach the highest sky,

We see the tiny of us above all,

We see how we are nothing, but Allah is The Greatest One..


We spread the happiness into everyone’s life,

We let them feel how Allah really loves us,

With the brain in our head that has ability to think 30 times faster than a super computer,

With the two eyes, which is able to capture moments even better than the best camera ever,

To think about all creatures, we are the perfect one.

But why do we still stand arrogant and not to be grateful with everything we have?

That’s a sort of constellation..a sort of reminder..


From now, we should fly higher,

We should give more, instead of asking,

We should learn more, instead of making our own conclusion,

We should stay humble, instead of swaggering,

We should act more, instead of criticizing other’s work,

We should be more confident with our own, instead of grudging others..


As from now on, we will grow together..

We will reach The Highest One, The Most Everything,

Allah and His Jannah..

USG results: I see how you grow, you’re with me while I am growing 🙂

Inspiration Point Kabinet KM ITB, 13 October 2015


Mentoring Gabungan Bidik Misi, 7 November 2015

Mentoring Gabungan SMA N 14 Jakarta, 13 November 2015

Semesta Comdev Beasiswa Karya Salemba Empat, bersama Bapak Iskandar Kuntoaji (Pendiri IBEKA, suami Ibu Tri Mumpuni), 23 Januari 2016

Annisaa Day Gamais ITB, 26 Februari 2016

Kuliah Tamu KKN Tematik ITB mengenai Social Entrepreneurship, 9 April 2016

Public Relation, How to Goal the proposal, STIS Asy-Syukriyah Tangerang, 24 April 2016


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